Kitchenette of Templeton

Recently, I sat down over coffee with Jenn Volpi of Kitchette and ask her some questions about the resturant, and how everthing is going. I started off by asking her what she would want people to know about Kitchenette that not everyone would know. She told me that they buy their food from sustainable vendors, like Dragonsprings Farm, local grass fed meats, and the farmer’s market. She also said the employees are all like family, and it is a family-oriented place with a fun atmosphere.

Bob Ross sets the relaxed vibe at Kitchenette, thanks to #sacredarmortattooart for the drawing.

The kitchenette has not only an exceptional breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu but also coffee and locally crafted Kombucha and cider. Jenn said one of the hardest things about Covid was how hard the business was hit and laying off staff. She spoke of how incredibly hard it was to locate and obtain items usually easy to find. Jenn said eggs were some of the hardest consumable to locate. She says Covid made her appreciate every aspect of her business that much more. Thankfully, the community rallied around Kitchenette, and we made meals ready to go.

Hip, small town vibe.

Jenn says that diversity has always been important. We have workers of various races and backgrounds. Even though this is a small town, we have a great cross-section of people employed here, and we all get along very well, which makes us like family. Having a family-like atmosphere is essential to me, and it makes life more enjoyable for us and everyone that enters our restaurant. We want people to come in hungry, and when they leave, they are happy! The Kitchenette helps support local farmers, and we are a part of the fabric that makes up this beautiful little community. We welcome everyone to come in for a meal and an opportunity to mingle with the locals if you want to see the latest daily specials Check them out and follow them on Instagram.

Specials for the day of the interview.

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