Dharma Yoga Loft

Dharma Yoga Loft is located in Paso Robles, California. This place has become a strong community of fellow yogis that believe in the power of breathwork. Breathing is one of the systems we can control, and we can help regulate our breathing to meditate, and focus on right here, right now.


Not only is there a Yoga studio, but a beautiful outdoor oasis, that includes vacation stays. Jenna (the owner), also offers workshops, teacher instruction, surfing classes, sound therapy through sound baths, and so much more. Next year she wants to offer another 200hr Yoga teacher training, so make sure to look for that on the website https://www.pasoyoga.com

Outdoor alter for the day

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Jenna and ask her some questions about her space and her philosophy. I wondered how often she offered retreats, and she told me about five times a year, mainly in the United States. She explained that she would love to do one soon in Bali. She has one more retreat scheduled for this year. If you are interested in retreats, make sure to check out the website. I asked if there were any new and exciting classes, and she told me that she was looking forward to teaching another 200hr teacher training workshop in 2022. I then asked how Covid affected her business. She said it slowed down at first, and then she took to teaching online, and the community rallied around her and the other teachers to participate in classes. In the beginning, sales were slow, but thanks to a strong yogi community in our town, they are striving!

Picnic dinner on the grounds.

Jenna told me that Covid helped her see the importance of slowing down and how vital it is to practice self-care. It taught her about the appreciation of small things, like being outdoors, and how little moments in life need to be treasured. Those moments with family are so significant to our children and ourselves. She readjusted not only her personal life but also her business model. Jenna says that while most of her teachers are female, some males teach at the studio too, and she believes diversity is essential in business and our personal lives. Her instructors come from various backgrounds, religions, and colors. Yoga doesn’t care about your faith, and Yoga is about “uniting.” Uniting is something we could all use more of today. Instead of focusing on all the ways we are different, we need to appreciate how we are different. We are all human beings wanting a better life. Why not accept each other the way we are, and lift each other up!

Yoga cat

Jenna told me that her yoga studio is heart driven. It’s all about community, and this platform allows everyone to SHINE! We are a no drama studio, we share our love for each other and ourselves.

Sustainability is very important. Sustainability is not just about the environment, but also about so many other aspects of life that are impacted. No one can give from an empty vessel, you have to fill yourself up before you can give. When you change the inside of you, the outside will follow. It’s a journey of self discovery that never ends. We are given this body, and the only way for it to carry us through this life is to take care of it. Read and learn for your mind. Asana, good clean food for your body, water and tea to quench your thirst. Practice setting intentions for your day, say your prayers, meditate. Allow your spirit to shine. Jenna believes the best advice she can give people is to approach life holistically. Be good to yourself, family, and community. Give from a cup that is overflowing in goodness. Plant a garden, and reap what you sow.

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