Yes Cocktail Co of Paso Robles

A few weeks ago I attended a Mocktail-Cocktail making workshop at Farm Supply in San Luis Obispo. Lauren, the co-owner of Yes Cocktail Co was our speaker/teacher of the workshop. Lynette from Slo Co Farm trail participated in the event too. We paid for the event through Slo Co Farm trail, and the price was worth the experience. Each of us was given several plants, a big pot, soil, tags, lunch from Slo Provisions, and samples of Yes Cocktails mixture to take home. Can you believe it?

Lauren perfecting her set up for the day.

Lauren began cooking several differnt drink preperations, as she talked to all of us about cocktails and mocktails. Her packaging is elegant and straightforward. The ingredients in her cocktail mixture is all natural and made from scratch by her and her husband. They partner withe at least 20 differnt local farms to obtain their herbs and flowers. Lauren says that she was fortunate that making cocktails at home was popular before Covid hit.

Worshop handbook

A couple on their first date were at my table. She was very impressed that her date recommended doing the workshop. She was saying how much fun it was to do something out of the ordinary, so if you are going on a date look up slo co farm trail to see what workshops are available. If you are on your 101 date, you need to check it out too.

Workshop buddies

I asked Lauren how she got started, and she told me that her grandparents owned a liquor store, experimented with making lemonade drinks at her lemonade stand, and even had a happy hour. I also asked her how Covid changed her life and business. She said the time at home gave her some latitude and time to further experiment with making new recipes and sourcing ingredients. She also utilized the time to reestablish stronger connections with her family, friends, and neighbors. This time has made me appreciate how much everyone in our lives is valued and loved.

Lavender, Rosemary, Pineapple plant, lemongrass, cilantro, and mint are pictured here in our big terra cotta pot with tags made from corks.

Lauren says that after the mixers are open for a few weeks, an excellent way to keep the mixer fresh is to make the mixture into ice cubes. Add the ice cubes to your teas and other beverages.

Lauren crafting all of our drinks.

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