Studios on the Park, Paso Robles, CA

Exhibition of art made by local artists

Sarah Ambrose and I corresponded before visiting Studios on the Park. My questions and her answers are as follows…

– What category do you fall under in Sustaniably sip, savor, play, and stay?

– We fall under the Play category. Prior to COVID-19, we would’ve fallen under sip just because we serve wines every weekend. However, we are no longer doing that right now so play it is!

The grand piano

What kinds of activities do you offer?

– We usually host all sorts of activities. We have the Kids Art Smart program that invites students to come in to art classes every morning and learn about art as well as create their own. We also do First Saturday “Art After Dark Paso” evenings where we have a reception for the new exhibition and have music and wine. We also have adult and kids classes that happen throughout the day and week. We also have exhibition discussions, lectures, movie tie-ins, etc. that are tied to our atrium exhibition. However, we are currently not doing any of these due to COVID.

How are you all practicing sustainability?

– Practicing Sustainability: We try as much as we can to not have any waste. We recycle any materials we can and we reuse wine glasses so that we don’t have any cup waste (I hate saying this but this will change due to COVID).

Studio of Thornton and Landon

Is there something the city or county can do to help businesses?

– Honestly I am not sure what the counties can do more other than to just help drive people to come to SLO County and Paso Robles. This town is so unique and many take every precaution they can to maintain sustainability of our town.

Is sustainabilty a big factor for your business?

– As far as getting people in the door, we are focused more on tourism and how we can get people from all over to come in. Again, sustainability changes wouldn’t really bring people in our doors just because we already do what we can (no paper receipts, wine glasses, recycle paper materials used, and so on.) I would say that many of our wineries and restaurants though do a great job showing off their sustainability, which in turn gets people to come to Paso. Tablas Creek Winery is one that specifically comes to mind as they have an absolutely wonderful sustainability program. They are a winery partner of ours and we love when people come by Studios and hear about the way they treat their land and grapes. Halter Ranch being another one of those.

Special bags and books, oh my!

What are some things locals can do?

– I do think that everyone and anyone who has a business in Paso need to support each other and lift each other up in order to maintain our area and keep driving in new people, whether it be sustainability issues or what have you.

If you want to see all the new activities happening at Studios on the Park,

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