“At Her Table” closes Estrada Avenue in Atascadero

Sunday, I decided to go to “At Her Table,” which shuts Estrada Street in Atascadero, CA. It was a beautiful sunny day with a lovely 73 degrees. Parking was super easy, and I only parked a few blocks away from my destination. As I walked down the hill to Estrada, I saw artists busy painting a mural. These artists are part of the Equity Mural Project, and below, you can see the artists in action.

Right across the street is the shop Anna and Company. She was busy greeting every person that crossed the road and has become a beacon in the town of Atascadero. She is a businesswoman that made her dream come true! She also helps other women by sharing her platform with them. One of those women is Lori from Innerpiece Collection. Lori is a crafter of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Jessicakes was right outside Anna and Company, reminding us all about the importance of some indulgence. Her slogan "eat dessert first" does not fall on deaf ears. We all deserve to treat ourselves to the finer things that life offers, and sometimes it is a sweet indulgence that is due.

Michelle Barrera is the founder of “enjoyslo” and "At Her Table." She strengthens the connections between women owners of restaurants, women chefs, and women winemakers and owners. For the entire month of March, she and her crew have put together special dinners so people can get to know these women in our community that is doing great things. It is our chance as a community to show gratitude for Michelle's contributions and commitment to bring together the talent of these women to showcase.

Natalie Hawkins was outside performing while I walked around and met some of the other women-owned businesses that took over Estrada on Sunday. My list is not a complete list of all the women-owned businesses there; this is only a partial list of the ones that I met or took photos of while I strolled the avenue.

Hambly Farms
Criu Hospitality
Villa Creek Farm
Seven Angels Cellars

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