Villa San Juliette

In the not too distant past, I visited this unparalleled and bespoke beauty of a winery that is literally in my backyard area. Villa San Juliette is on the Pleasant Valley Wine Trail, and in the town of San Miguel, which is a part of the Paso Robles AVA known as the Estrella District. Villa San Juliette is also SIP certified. Which means they are Sustainable In Practice, which is great for our environment. They have biodiversity, and practice no till, as well as utilizing cover crops. Owl boxes provide homes to owls which feed on rodents, thus allowing for natural pest control. Not only does SIP regulate the environmental aspect of sustainable practices, but also humane practices for those employed at VSJ. Legacy wineries are those that take care of the soils, water, vines, and people that care for the ground on which they cultivate.

Villa San Juliette, is a beauty, and takes you to a bygone era of mystic, and aristocracy. Once entering the grounds with the beautiful wrought iron gates, and wind swept silver leaves of the olive trees that seem to beacon the driver and welcome one and all. The rest of the world seems to melt away as one drives up the way to the winery. The vistas are impeccable! There could be several groups of people all around the classically landscaped setting, but there is plenty of room to stretch out with your own party or enjoy a table top inside the winery.

While I was there alone enjoying the scenery and crab cakes with a salad. People can also rent the venue for special occasions. What a great place for a wedding or even a baptismal after party. Since Villa San Juliette is part of the Pleasant Valley Wine Trail, they often do special events along the trail. Make sure to check out the seasonal delights that occur every month on the trail.

If I had to chose only one wine from Villa San Juliette, it would be their 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, it is crisp, and refreshing. It was the perfect pairing for the crab cakes and the salad I enjoyed while I was visiting. The balance in the flavor profile was impeccable. It had a subtle citrus note that was not overwhelming, and a structured acidic spine that left me wanting a little more. Go sip, savor and play at Villa San Juliette!

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